Company Overview

Sbarra Construction West, Inc.  (SCW) is a full service Colorado Front Range General Contractor specializing in all aspects of ground up and tenant construction for office, industrial, retail, educational and religious facilities.  We are a relationship driven company that values the opportunity to be member of each project team.

Sbarra Construction West, Inc., headed by Tony Sbarra, prides itself on providing the highest level of professionalism and being the best possible team partner on every project.  No matter how large or small the project, we deliver the same high quality and commitment to ensure the successful completion of every job and work to exceed expectations on a daily basis.  We also pride ourselves on our relationships and consider every project an opportunity to begin another long lasting relationship.

SCW, Inc. is able to be a team member in a variety of capacities and has the flexibility to work within each project’s unique requirements.  We are well versed in traditional Design-Bid-Build as a General Contractor, the CM-GC process and Design Build.  Our experience in each of these delivery methods makes us an asset to the team on each project.

SCW, Inc. is based in Castle Rock, Colorado and serves the Colorado Front Range from Denver to Colorado Springs.



At SCW, Inc., we have the experience that is required for today’s complex construction projects.  Whether it be navigating local municipality requirements for due diligence, managing projects to tight budgets, or completing difficult projects with limited schedules, you can trust that Sbarra Construction West, Inc. has the experience to get it done.

With SCW, Inc., Mr. Sbarra brings over 20 years of commercial construction experience, beginning as a carpenter and advancing to manage regional offices for nationwide General Contractors.  Experience includes commercial projects in excess of $200 million dollars and 4 million square feet of construction utilizing a variety of delivery methods ranging from General Contractor, Construction Manager, CM/GC and Design Build.

SCW, Inc. experience also includes providing pre-construction services, due diligence, estimating as well as professional construction services.



SCW, Inc. is fully committed to every project and every client.  We are committed to being there before, during and after every project and will remain a member of the team long after construction ends.  We are also committed to providing the highest level of professional services, whether it be estimating, project management or construction.  SCW, Inc. is committed to open lines of communication.  We believe that open and honest communication is the best path to success.

SCW, Inc. is also committed to project quality and safety.  We understand that high quality is an expectation that should never be in question.  We also believe that every worker should enjoy a safe work environment that should not be compromised to meet other goals.

We are also committed to project cost and schedule control.  No project can be considered a success unless it finishes on time and on budget.  SCW, Inc. is committed to providing that result on every project.



As a company, SCW, Inc. values integrity in all aspects of our business and personal lives.  It is our promise that we will always conduct ourselves with integrity in all dealings.  We believe that it is our responsibility to maintain our morals and integrity in business and personally.  We value the relationships that we build with all of our Clients, Brokers, Designers, Subcontractors and Employees.  It is upon these strong relationships and our commitment to integrity and character that we build our business.