SCW, Inc. is a schedule driven company that understands that quality and safety can’t be sacrificed.  In order to have a project considered a success we know we must work hard as a member of the team to help make sure the Owner’s project goals are met.  Whether it’s critical short schedule, tight budget, logistically challenging site, working in occupied buildings, or all of the above and more, SCW, Inc. will work with the team to get the job done.  We have a proven track record of performing under these scenarios and look forward to the challenges of each new project.


Project Controls

3d pen and gantt chart

We use industry proven methods to manage all project controls, including scheduling and cost control.  Communication is key, especially during construction and we encourage open lines of communication on an on-going basis.  Document management is also critical for the difficult construction projects of today and we track and record all correspondence, meetings, submittals and RFI’s.



At SCW, Inc. Field Quality Control is one of our biggest points of pride.  We effectively manage the construction process to achieve the highest results.  This includes pre-planning, laying out expectations, and proper sequencing of work to help ensure a quality installation.  We work with leaders in the Subcontracting community that take pride in their work.  We also use our Quality Checkpoint process during installation to correct items as work progresses so that costly and time consuming re-works are avoided.  SCW, Inc. will not stop until all quality goals are met.


Safety gear kit close upSafety is a critical component to today’s construction industry and SCW, Inc. takes safety very seriously.  It is our belief that it is all of our responsibility to provide a safe work place every day.  We continually monitor job site safety and make improvements to work towards safer job sites.  Clean job sites are safer job sites and we work hard to maintain a clean, professional project.



Construction Services

  • Long term and short term scheduling
  • Quality Control
  • Safety Monitoring
  • Project Schedule Control
  • Professional Project Management and Superintendence
  • Project Documentation
  • LEED Project Requirements (IAQ, Recycling programs, documentation)
  • Project Closeout
  • Owner Training
  • Warranty Support