Delivery Methods

Flexibility is the key at SCW, Inc. when it comes to delivery methods.  We are highly experienced in all delivery methods and maintain the flexibility as a company to work within whatever structure our Client needs.  We have completed many projects as the traditional General Contractor completing the entire project scope or working with Clients on partial project if there are various items that they will perform.  We also have extensive experience in Design Build as well as CM/GC delivery methods.  If you’re looking for a Construction Manager, SCW, Inc. has the experience in that field as well.

SCW, Inc. is happy to review all of the project delivery methods to help our Clients make a decision as to the project delivery method that will best meet their needs.  If you already know the delivery method that will be used on the project then you can rest assured that SCW, Inc. has the experience to work to that method.

SCW, Inc. has diverse project experience in:

  • Traditional GC, with Lump Sum delivery based on plans and specifications
  • General Contractor, Cost Plus with GMP (full and partial scope)
  • General Contractor with fixed fee and general conditions
  • CM/GC (Construction Manager/General Contractor)
  • Design Build
  • Construction Manager
  • Owner’s Representative